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A hellebore flower

Have hellebores become fashionable this year or have I just noticed people talking about them for the first time? One of my colleagues was telling me her garden is full of them, all different flower colours and size stems. In … Continue reading

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Beeswax wraps

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get out of my jam-maker’s kitchen and work in a room with two irons as well as a pan and a slow cooker which were constantly on. The good news is that we’re not having … Continue reading

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Soapwort and tulips

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the tulips in the front garden to open. We’re not completely there yet but there is more purple, my favourite colour, than there was yesterday. Somewhat hidden amongst the greenery is a recent … Continue reading

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The unexpected vs. the unwanted

As I prepared to do some work in the front garden for a change, I noticed worms in the bottom of the pond. Or perhaps they are not worms but something else that likes to inhabit fresh water. My initial … Continue reading

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Not Alone

Women’s Aid have a new fundraising campaign: a T-shirt or tote bag with the slogan ‘NOT ALONE Women’s Aid’ on the front. I would like to do more to help Women’s Aid but so far I have been unable to … Continue reading

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How many babies?

Today on Gardeners’ Question Time (BBC Radio Four), one member of the public asked the panel what they thought of reducing plastic pots that most plants come in. Good one! Suddenly, plastic waste seems to be all over the news … Continue reading

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Ubiquity vs. iniquity of plastic

Back in the summer of 2012, when I started writing this blog, I wrote a post about the dilemmas surrouding plastic. Today, having delved further into the world of living plastic-free over the last three and a half years, I thought it … Continue reading

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Trench warfare: composting the uncompostable

A crisp packet from 1997 came to light whilst I was digging a trench in my garden. Continue reading

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