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Too brittle!

Today was meant to the moment when I rejoiced at finishing the pond. The liner is in and the edges have been adorned with Yorkshire stone. However, I will almost definitely need to fork out for a butyl liner at … Continue reading

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The almost pond

This morning, the pond area looked like this: The soil on top of the liner which will hopefully become a big garden is starting to dry out. We’ve gone back to no-rain and moving the soil will have aided evaporation. … Continue reading

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Boxing Day home and away

This Christmas, the weather seems to have been particularly gloomy but I was determined to make the best of it. Thus, the first item on my list was to have a look round Rufford Park in Nottinghamshire. I think we … Continue reading

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The antidote to transcribing

It probably was a good move to work from home today, considering how much concentration is needed for transcribing a discussion. At work itself, I normally have to snatch a few minutes here and there – and then I can’t … Continue reading

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Not just any old puddle

Yesterday, it was mayhem at work because of a fire in one of our generators, leading to a power outage which shut all the buildings I was trying to use. So, there was nothing to do but come home – … Continue reading

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Never too much soil

I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that the rat which has conveniently turned my compost heap doesn’t take a fancy to the bed I have constructed by the back door. Last year, the ill-fated hugel bed I built about this … Continue reading

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