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January greens

Just a short post before I rush off to work…  Thought it was about time I did an update on the broad beans, which are doing very nicely, if in a battered kind of way. They have withstood frost and … Continue reading

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The new year itch 

The above photo heralds the start of sowing season. The packet said April for the radish seeds but I’ve sown them outside earlier and had success – albeit on an allotment with different soil. It’s not that I’m especially wanting … Continue reading

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From the radish to the daffodil

At the weekend, I noticed that I had a radish. I’ve no idea when it was planted but it must have been months before Christmas. I was nonetheless pleased, as radishes don’t like my soil. And I was tempted to … Continue reading

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Hot feet

I can’t remember when I sowed radish seeds, except that one lot were a few weeks before the next. So you would have thought the ones which had been growing longer would be bigger, right? Well, this is not the … Continue reading

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The mystery nibbler

On Monday, I put a net cloche over radishes in a growbag, primarily to protect the lettuce on the other side. Then this evening I have been out and noticed that something has somehow got under the cloche and eaten … Continue reading

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One onion plot cleared

After thinking I might have onion white rot the other day, I decided this evening to harvest all of the onions in the patch where I discovered the rotten one. They may not technically be ready but it would be … Continue reading

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Nettle stings and other things

When I arrived at Wonder World today, it was awash with dandelion flowers. They are beautiful but wreck such havoc…. So while I was catching up with my neighbour I pulled the heads off the dandelions to prevent as much … Continue reading

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Oh for a bigger garden!

Where was I going to plant the radishes? I did eventually find a space for them this afternoon, at the end of my rows of broad beans, but I am seriously running out of space for anything that hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Garden taking off

The garden is starting to come to life again after the winter months. We still have some purple sprouting broccoli from last year, which is slowly coming to an end. Apart from that, we are now waiting for beetroot, radishes … Continue reading

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