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Strange Swiss chard leaves

Been pottering about in the garden this morning and decided to have a look at the Swiss chard under the cloche. The reason for the cloche was because I thought the now cool night air might have been affecting the … Continue reading

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Multi- coloured carrots

This evening I will be at the allotment again – unless I have collapsed in a heap from my aches and pains, the heat and being on the go since 7 this morning. Taking it that doesn’t happen, I’m planting … Continue reading

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The waiting game…….

I’ve just picked nearly half a pound of strawberries, so it is not quite true that I am back to waiting for crops be ready. However…. the mangetout are on their last legs and I will get only one, perhaps … Continue reading

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Free gym workout!

No wonder I’ve put off doing any more work on the ex-lawn: digging is hard work! Earlier in the year, I sowed some crimson clover as a green manure and now that it has flowered, so we’ve had the pleasure … Continue reading

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Something is happening at last!

Over the past week I have been out in the garden quite a bit, between showers and sneezes. On Sunday, I decided it was time for one group of unexpected potatoes to be dug up. I needed the space for … Continue reading

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Summer equinox

It is still too cold for the time of year but the sun came out yesterday afternoon and the same has happened today. This is vastly different from the forecast and I really felt today that summer was finally here. … Continue reading

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