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Round the garden in 80 days #50

I hadn’t expected the sun to cone out today. We’d taken a short trip out to collect our raw milk, stopping off en route at a local garden centre to see if any of their food range was in the … Continue reading

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Unexpected raspberries

The other day, I was disappointed. Whilst picking raspberries, I managed to pull not only the one I wanted off the plant but in doing so, off came the branch with two which were not as yet ripe. Thinking that … Continue reading

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Mislabelled methinks!

I’m still chopping my way through the phacelia and poppies around the garden. The flowers on the former are almost finished, so they are no longer offering much in the way of food for the bumblebees, and the poppies are … Continue reading

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Both sides of the garden

Moving the compost heap yesterday opened up the garden, so that I have a clear view when I look out the dining room doors. I can’t believe how spacious it looks now! Moving the bin also meant that I could … Continue reading

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Raspberries in December

After an hour’s digging this morning, it was time to hit the sales in Leeds. Well, to get a new kettle, to be precise. This gave me the opportunity to have a wander through the sustainability garden at work, which … Continue reading

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The catharsis of picking

   When all’s said and done, I am underwhelmed by the number of potatoes that came out of the finishing off compost bin. True, there is still the other half to dig out. And more came out than went in. … Continue reading

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