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It is what it’s supposed to be

As the apples on my daughter’s tree were falling off in September, I asked her to pick them before they were all lost. They were on the small side, or rather they were much smaller than the one we sampled … Continue reading

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A waste of money?

After waxing lyrical about my bokashi composting system in the early days, I am now ready to accept its downside and move on. The final straw came this morning when I emptied the bottom of the regular compost bin to … Continue reading

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Just pungent or rotting ?

The pot where the wild garlic was being stored, after its removal from the original bed (in order to get rid of ground elder and in readiness for the day lilies), didn’t have big enough drainage holes in it. Thus, … Continue reading

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Carbon sequestration and compost

I could have been wrapping Christmas presents but with my half day’s annual leave I decided to take advantage of a lull in the rain – the sun even came out! – to get out in the garden. Years ago, … Continue reading

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Accepting the inevitable

It would be an exaggeration to say that my morning has been blighted by what I saw when I opened the dining room windows this morning. I wasn’t chuffed, though. It seems the rats don’t like pickled chillis, bay leaves … Continue reading

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Never too much soil

I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that the rat which has conveniently turned my compost heap doesn’t take a fancy to the bed I have constructed by the back door. Last year, the ill-fated hugel bed I built about this … Continue reading

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No longer longing for rosemary

Last year, I was hopeful that the rosemary I had sown would grow. And indeed it has but it needs to be moved from its current location, which is where the pond is going to be. So, now it is … Continue reading

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Christmas has felt most peculiar this year. Perhaps it is because we had our big lunch with Granny and Granddad yesterday and in the same day I booked a cookery class for my birthday next year! In any case, my … Continue reading

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Homemade bonemeal

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, the idea of buying bones for stock and then bashing them into bonemeal might make you feel sick. Once upon a time, I was a vegetarian and certainly I wouldn’t have been able to do … Continue reading

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Rethinking the bokashi

For almost three years, I’ve been using a bokashi bin to ferment all manner of food waste for use as fertiliser in the garden. There is no doubt under normal circumstances that the contents of the bin become excellent compost … Continue reading

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