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Oops… forgot to write a title!

At the end of last month, I managed to squeeze in writing a post but on the whole I have been overwhelmed by the move to teaching online and am only now coming down to earth. One self-care activity I … Continue reading

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Winter starts with white now

There seems to have been more frost this year than I remember for a long time. Thus, at the Old Sleningford Farm workday, I was glad for once to be wearing gloves when pruning the apple trees. Officially, it is … Continue reading

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Elephant in the wood

Today, I’ve managed to use up all my energy on a walk through local woods, so gardening will have to yet again be postponed. I did however pick some tasty apples from our village community garden and some amazing rosehips … Continue reading

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Forgotten apples

Last autumn, I noticed an apple tree near where I park my car for work which was laden with apples. No one was picking them and they were falling all over the road. This year, I have come across a … Continue reading

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Obtain a yield

One of the tenets of permaculture is to grow to use. Of course, if you are growing vegetables then de facto you hope to obtain a yield. But what about ornamentals? Do they have a place in the permaculture landscape? … Continue reading

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Too hot to handle

Yesterday was a great day out. Not only did I get strawberry runners from Old Sleningford Farm in North Yorkshire, as well as learn more about pruning apple trees, we met up with our sewing bee for Christmas lunch. The … Continue reading

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