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Round the garden in 80 days #60

I had naïvely thought that if I left my spinners, weavers and dyers meeting early yesterday, I could get home to do a spot of work in the garden. Instead, I left early, as around lunchtime it had started to … Continue reading

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A glorious September morning

My daughter had asked me if I could drive her to school yesterday, as a treat for her birthday. Being on annual leave, it gave me the opportunity to treat myself as well. Over the past six weeks, I had … Continue reading

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Thyme to plant

A couple of months ago, I got a thyme plant with my vegetable share from the local organic farm. I’m not a particular fan of this herb but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, either. … Continue reading

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Rosemary trumps strawberries

After the rosemary had to come indoors on Wednesday evening in order to shelter from the storm (which wasn’t really more than a bit blowy where we are), it needed to get outside as soon as possible. Thus, having woken … Continue reading

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Not iced coffee this time

Last night, Storm Diana blew my prized rosemary out of its pot, so the beleaguered plant is now getting hot in the kitchen. It is one of those plants which seems to suffer indoors (well, so do I, so I … Continue reading

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No longer longing for rosemary

Last year, I was hopeful that the rosemary I had sown would grow. And indeed it has but it needs to be moved from its current location, which is where the pond is going to be. So, now it is … Continue reading

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Longing for rosemary

Four of my rosemary seeds germinated and I duly potted them on. Then one of these seedlings went brown and died. On the windowsill that works, of all places. The two seedlings I put in the shed are doing okay, … Continue reading

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