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Around the garden in 80 days #12

It’s been a beautifully sunny day here – I hope you’ve been blessed with sunshine, too. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck at a computer all day, although I did manage to get out before it got too dark to turn the … Continue reading

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Agar flakes

I’ve had another first experience today. Earlier in the year, I made rhubarb jelly out of juice left over from stewing a few stalks. This was a success which I wanted to repeat – but since lockdown I’ve not been … Continue reading

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Red taking over

It’s a few years since I bought my rose and I moved it from its first spot, so it has taken some time to settle in – maybe three years. But this year the blooms are once more beautiful. I’m … Continue reading

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First day of the month (and a fantastic homecoming)

This month, I wasn’t at home for the first day of the month, as we had a week away. While the holiday was great (more about that later), it was with a degree of trepidation that I left all my … Continue reading

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More pleasant surprises out the front

My daughter and I were originally attracted to Lamb’s Ears because of its woolly leaves. Of the three clumps I got from my sister a few weeks ago, two seem to be failing but the other isn’t just still alive, … Continue reading

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Blame it on the washing

I didn’t get chance to do any gardening before I hung the washing out this morning and what I had planned (involving shovels of compost) could have resulted in the washing coming in rather more quickly! Thankfully, with it not … Continue reading

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An abundance of apples

Inspite of being bald for most of the spring, the apple tree at the back of the garden now seems to be hiding several apples. On one branch, I had already thinned them out to two at the tip but … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight

Now, I knew roses were edible. After all, I use rose water in cakes. But on the foraging course I did on Saturday we got to try a jelly made with Japanese rose and that inspired me to look into … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (Roses in October)

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Ruby Anniversary (Rose)

Yesterday, I finally purchased a rose. My daughter has been hankering after one for a long time, albeit a pink one (now there’s a surprise!). The pink ones on offer didn’t have quite the same appeal, though. You know when … Continue reading

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