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Kiss The Ground

I almost never watch television but this afternoon have made an exception. First one person and then another on Twitter lauded a film which has just been released, so Kiss The Ground seemed a perfect way to fill a free … Continue reading

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It is what it’s supposed to be

As the apples on my daughter’s tree were falling off in September, I asked her to pick them before they were all lost. They were on the small side, or rather they were much smaller than the one we sampled … Continue reading

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My daughter’s tree

It’s not often we go out for the day and come back with a tree. Nor do I frequently get a helping hand in the garden. However, this is a special tree: My daughter chose it at R V Roger’s … Continue reading

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Margil was going to be the variety of apple tree that I bought for my daughter this year. However, I had a change of heart, not least because we had only tasted the juice and the fruit could have been … Continue reading

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