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Rats like raw onions

Now, I’m sure you are already aware that it can be dangerous and counter-productive to generalise from a single incident. The fact is that the generalised title had a better ring to it. Shame! Anyway, while the rat has been … Continue reading

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Snowdrops this year?

The work to remove the Red Campion continues. In fact, it’s nearly all gone – until next year, when no doubt the self-seeded offspring will emerge. However, next year is next year. In the meantime, I have finally planted out … Continue reading

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Cordon bleu

We have been lucky today. The rain has been light and intermittent. The wind only started to get up once we were heading home. Neither stopped me pondering over the front garden as I unloaded the car. I had noticed … Continue reading

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Trying to stay sane

Over Christmas and New Year, my body behaved in a way I found disconcerting enough to propel me to the doctor’s. Already feeling anxious, I’ve now found myself cramming my time with activities to divert my thoughts but as I … Continue reading

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Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs

I’ve been asked to write another post in my app in order to see if there is a comments box this time. Fortuitously, I found a variety of bulbs this afternoon, which were on my garden shopping list, so I … Continue reading

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A fitting name….

I used to live in a part of Leeds called Horsforth, which I now realise I didn’t explore in any great depth. Fortunately, I have a friend who still lives there, who yesterday showed us a part which was very … Continue reading

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The snowdrop

Coming home from the school run just now, I noticed a white flower at the edge of the front garden.  Now, baring in mind that this garden is northeast-facing and direct sunlight is blocked by the roofs of houses across … Continue reading

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Marigold really?

I’d been looking at the front garden for a long time, aware that it needed some sorting out. The frost and low temperatures (occasional) had left the borage in a sorry state and there were weeds aplenty. As it turned … Continue reading

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