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The best of August

Last night, I felt so content. Happy. Autumn is in the air and I love it. Beautiful days and cool, dark nights. However, as it is still officially summer, here are some highlights I didn’t get round to posting about … Continue reading

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Another wire to trip us up!

I’ve just read a blogpost about how even plants sold with a ‘Good for Pollinators’ label could still be harmful. This is because they may have been grown with insecticides which kill the pollinators they have attracted. In other words, … Continue reading

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In order to see the soapwort…

I cleared away the rocket growing around it. I had somehow not expected the soapwort to have flowers. I’d been thinking purely in terms of its potential as an alternative to soap. However, soap which also flowers seems a good … Continue reading

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Soapwort and tulips

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the tulips in the front garden to open. We’re not completely there yet but there is more purple, my favourite colour, than there was yesterday. Somewhat hidden amongst the greenery is a recent … Continue reading

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For double measure

BBC Gardeners Question Time had the desired effect this afternoon. In spite of cool temperatures (and a smattering of snow on the ground), I got my coat and shoes on for a quick spot of gardening. Nothing too onerous: taking … Continue reading

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An alternative to soapwort?

A year or two back, I read Mark Boyle’s The Moneyless Manifesto, which I found quite inspirational. Now, I am aware that if we didn’t have money, people would find plenty of other ways of being, say, corrupt or envious. … Continue reading

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Growing without me

Last night was, I hope, the last of the late nighters in the office. For two days in a row, we’ve been getting back well after dark so I live in hope that when I go into the garden in … Continue reading

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The propagator

Today was the final one of the Permaculture Design Course, where we got to present our group designs of an allotment plot. It was a slightly surreal experience, particularly in view of the fact that I only met this year’s … Continue reading

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