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A forgotten pocket

Over the winter at Old Sleningford Farm, we cleared an area of dead vegetation. I asked if I could keep some of the seed heads for my garden and put them in my jacket pocket. Then I didn’t wear the … Continue reading

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Carbon sequestration and compost

I could have been wrapping Christmas presents but with my half day’s annual leave I decided to take advantage of a lull in the rain – the sun even came out! – to get out in the garden. Years ago, … Continue reading

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Another project – a slightly raised bed

You might wonder why I’ve embarked on another project when the pond is as yet waiting upon completion. Well, this new project ties into the whole because I need to do something with the soil mountain which has piled up … Continue reading

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Citizen Science: Sensing the world

Last year, I did a MOOC through Future Learn about soil. It was a project run by the Grow Observatory and while participants learned about their soil, the organisation gathered data to help understand soil profiles in Europe. Now, I … Continue reading

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Carbon capture and a robin

It is being said that this winter is quite mild. I’m not sure I agree. There seems to have been a lot more frost and day time temperatures seem lower than I’m used to. Not that I’m complaining. It’s great … Continue reading

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A new year, new month, new week, new day

This morning, we were at a youth hostel near Hexham. I enjoyed the few days away but as always I was happy to be coming home. Not least, I was eager to start 2018 by getting on with my to-do … Continue reading

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Citizen Science: Grow Observatory

Through the Permaculture Association newsletter a few months ago I came across a MOOC which looked interesting. So, I signed up to the course, which is being conducted by the University of Dundee, looking at soil. The Grow Observatory is … Continue reading

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Herb bed extension

A few years ago, whilst making a trench in the back garden, I came across an empty crisp packet from when the house was being built. Somehow it felt a bit creepy, even though the design of the packets hadn’t … Continue reading

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Roots and soil condition

My enthusiasm for building hugel beds is on the wane. Psoriatic hands and heavy soil don’t go too well together. However, I woke up this morning and felt inspired to get the spade out. The sun helped. So, now hugel … Continue reading

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Disappointments and delights

Really, I don’t think the fact that the new greenhouse cover has already torn should come as a surprise, but when I got home this evening and noticed the damage I was disappointment, nonetheless. It was also a disappointment that, … Continue reading

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