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Round the garden in 80 days #24

This morning, there was frost on the lawn of my neighbour to the west. My garden and the ones to the east are less prone because of the leylandii sheltering us. This means that for the time being my nasturtiums … Continue reading

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Two Ps

The strawberry plants are on the wane. They’ve been in the ground for at least five years now and some had already been removed last year. The process continues, with this afternoon a number of strawberry plants being taken up … Continue reading

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Backdoor strawberries

I went for a lovely walk with a friend in Meanwood Park yesterday. Whilst rhododendrons are no longer encouraged, I can see why they were once all the rage. Suffice to say, I wouldn’t think it wise to plant any … Continue reading

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I don’t always read my emails. There are so many that the majority reach the bin before they are opened. Then occasionally there is one which I’m glad I took the trouble to look at. One such the other day … Continue reading

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The closest I’ve been

I got a surprise this morning when I got in the car to go and collect my provisions from the local organic farm. She’d been sitting there while I’d been doing my usual inspection of the front garden as I … Continue reading

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Let the glut commence

As always, I wait with bated breath as we approach June. Will there be a decent strawberry crop and when will it start? The first few strawberries are eaten before they are fully ripe. Just in case a bird should … Continue reading

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Taking shelter

Well, we’ve gone from impending drought to a bout of extended rain. Not that the garden is complaining. For example, after a hiatus of a few weeks, the rhubarb is starting to poke its head above ground again. And I … Continue reading

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Harvesting begins

One minute the fennel seeds seemed not to be ripe, the next moment they were starting to fall off the plants. Now, I don’t want my garden to be full of nothing but fennel and I think a herbalist might … Continue reading

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Red taking over

It’s a few years since I bought my rose and I moved it from its first spot, so it has taken some time to settle in – maybe three years. But this year the blooms are once more beautiful. I’m … Continue reading

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Decision: rotten not pungent

After I built a mini hugelbed by the backdoor I planted the wild garlic I’d dug up from its original bed. In the interim, it had been in a pot which became waterlogged and there was a veritable stench. As … Continue reading

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