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Collecting runners

Earlier in the year there was an advert on Freegle requesting strawberry plants or runners. I replied to offer some of my runners in the autumn and today I duly dug out a bagful, ready for their recipient tomorrow. The … Continue reading

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Before I drown…

It’s that time of year when the strawberry plants start shooting out their runners. The plants I have are not just good fruit producers but they are experts at reproduction. Hence: Unfortunately, I doubt a strawberry plant, no matter how … Continue reading

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An advantage of lazy gardening

I can’t remember what I grew in some largish pots last year, although I do remember attempting to grow some evening primrose earlier this year. However, that came to nought and the pots had just been standing around waiting for … Continue reading

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Forest Garden makeover underway

This time last year, I planted lots of strawberry runners, courtesy of Old Sleningford Farm, so that there was ground cover in my nascent forest garden. And over the summer I was really pleased to see new runners shooting out … Continue reading

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Too hot to handle

Yesterday was a great day out. Not only did I get strawberry runners from Old Sleningford Farm in North Yorkshire, as well as learn more about pruning apple trees, we met up with our sewing bee for Christmas lunch. The … Continue reading

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Strawberry runners

Today it was apple tree pruning in the orchard at the permaculture farm near Ripon in North Yorkshire where we do voluntary work once a month. Thanks to this, I now have a better understanding of how to look after … Continue reading

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Tidying up

Last Sunday, I was determined to continue the good work I had started earlier in the weekend. Repotting was a priority: the palm my dad had given me last summer was breaking the pot it had been housed in. So, … Continue reading

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First bowl of strawberries

The number of strawberries I picked at 7 o’clock this morning far exceeded my expectations! There were a few casualties – from the outside they looked ripe and tasty fruit but they were actually hollow shells – and I decided … Continue reading

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