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Around the garden in 80 days #9

It seems, yet again, that Sunday is not to be a gardening day. Instead of galavanting off to the coast, this one was dedicated to archery and I even came home with a trophy. Before anyone rushes to congratulate me … Continue reading

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The results of last autumn’s new bed

On a roll with soil building last autumn, having discovered I could get manure almost on tap earlier in the year, I set about transforming the bed by the back door. First, I covered the very thin layer of soil … Continue reading

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Got them all out

Last year, there was one tomato plant. It was quite prolific – but I’m hoping for better this year, having found space dotted around the garden for seven plants in all. The last of them was planted out yesterday, having … Continue reading

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An elaborate bird table

This morning, I noticed that the birds had been fussing with the straw over the beans I’d sown yesterday. I wasn’t sure if they were after the one or the other, but as we were off out I kicked the … Continue reading

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More than we need

So far, I’ve been remembering to water the plant pots in the propagator, which I set up on Palm Sunday. That doesn’t mean I was looking at it every day, so I was a little surprised when I did so … Continue reading

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Not the only one who can’t tell the time

Yesterday, I came out of class at 1, thinking it was 12. I then missed a meeting, turning up an hour late because I thought it was 1:30 when, in fact, it was 2:30. Feeling a bit of numpty, I … Continue reading

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The ups and downs of the tomato plants

Earlier in the summer, I reported that my tomatoes were struggling. Then the plant in the pot near the pond leapt ahead and is now laden with tomatoes. Unfortunately, it has been somewhat neglected and apart from being parched it … Continue reading

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The only tomato

I enjoyed the first tomato from the garden for lunch. It started growing on a short and spindly plant in the shed and promptly ripened on the vine, once it was planted outside in the raised bed. However, the plant … Continue reading

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First crop from the raised bed

The compost bin has been working like the clappers and made enough space for the broad bean haulms to go in it. And not before time, as the tomato plant which has been living in the shed desperately needed to … Continue reading

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The end of the goji berry bush

A few years ago, my parents passed their goji berry bushes onto me. One went in a hugel bed but the other looked like this until I came home from work this evening. I’d been trying to decide whether to … Continue reading

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