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Are the tulips early?

Time has a habit of distorting memories, so perhaps last March the tulips were eager to flower whilst the hellebores was in full bloom. On the other hand, it seems particularly unlikely that the snowdrops and tulips were out at … Continue reading

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Oh, I’ve got a yellow one!

I got some tulips on the January sale, which I knew might not go with the purple theme in the front garden. But pink isn’t exactly a clash is it? What I hadn’t expected was a yellow tulip. However, one … Continue reading

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A triumph of life

Well, we come to the end of an extra-ordinary month. And whilst we’ve been trapped in our homes, nature has been busily getting on with what it normally does all around. This has provided some wry amusement. For example, one … Continue reading

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A salutary look round the garden

Yesterday, I left my office for what might be several months. At least I still have a job and my employer has loaned me a laptop so I can keep teaching at home. However, I am trying to keep the … Continue reading

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The January tulip

When I bought a bag of tulips in the reduced aisle a couple of weeks ago, I could already see that they were starting to sprout. No wonder, as they were in a heated environment. I wasn’t unduly surprised either … Continue reading

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On the way to buy raw milk

After a post by quercuscommunity on the subject of a dairy selling raw milk in Derbyshire and his help in finding a farm near me where I could also get such milk, I visited Red Lodge Farm, Wakefield, this morning. … Continue reading

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A new way of turning

I vow every Monday to start the morning by reading a book but it rarely happens. Something always seems to get in the way. Today, was different and I luxuriated in the peacefulness of my latest tome without a shadow … Continue reading

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Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs

I’ve been asked to write another post in my app in order to see if there is a comments box this time. Fortuitously, I found a variety of bulbs this afternoon, which were on my garden shopping list, so I … Continue reading

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Marjoram or oregano

On Sunday, one of our jobs at Old Sleningford Farm was clearing some of the raised beds for this year’s plants. It was then that Rachel, who runs the farm, offered me the following herb: It may be marjoram or … Continue reading

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Better a get a move on – it’s spring!

Since the marigolds in the front garden have decided to keep flowering, I decided that the remaining tulip bulbs should go in a pot. The whole of the front really needs a sort out but I stuck to some weeding … Continue reading

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