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Bolting onions

My curiosity has been piqued by a bolting onion near the pond. I’m not sure I ever planted an onion set in this place, so I’m baffled as to how it ended up here. Perhaps it ended up by the … Continue reading

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A visible herb garden

I was truly fed up of the poppies in the herb garden and just waiting for enough room in the compost bin to dispose of them. Then I got a pattern for a crocheted bag off a friend and yesterday … Continue reading

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It’s walking…

It must be a year since my dad gave me some walking onions. Having nowhere in the ground to put them, they went in some pots, where I watched them grow and form onion heads.  Then I wondered what might … Continue reading

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The birds and Brexit

It’s been a sad day for me (I’m talking on an emotional level rather than a political one). I have no idea what Brexit holds but I feel part of me has been wiped away with Theresa May’s letter to … Continue reading

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Walking onions

My dad found some walking onions at a garden centre. They were in a sorry state, apparently, being the leftovers from a more vibrant stock, but he’s always been fascinated with them since he was a child when there were … Continue reading

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