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Around the garden in 80 days #8

Well, I’m a tenth of the way through my quest to write 80 blogposts in 80 consecutive days and so far there appears to be plenty to say. Thus, after going to the monthly spinners’ guild meeting this morning, I … Continue reading

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To weed or not to weed 

Since the rains last week, phacelia and poppies have shot up out of seemingly nowhere. They are smothering the onions and getting very cosy with the broad beans. The question of whether or not to remove them has therefore arisen. … Continue reading

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Can this be a weed?

Today, it has been shockingly cold and dismal. On a gardening forum on Facebook, one woman was getting her husband to put fleece round the courgettes and beans….. I don’t blame her. I nearly did the same, as my courgettes … Continue reading

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It’s certainly green!

In anticipation of a few developments, I arrived at the allotment today, camera in hand. What greeted me, though, was not quite what I had expected. Over the past couple of weeks, while I have been away, the weather has … Continue reading

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If only we could eat rain!

Dismal! That is the only way I can describe the weather at the moment. The continued stretch of rain we are experiencing is being to lose any appeal it might have had. Yet again, all my containers are full and … Continue reading

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Thank you, rain!

It was so hot and dry over the last few days that I hadn’t been out in the garden to do any work but at last it rained yesterday and a bit today, so the soil was soft and much … Continue reading

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Those little jobs

Now that the weather has at last shown signs of a return to spring, the weeds have been multiplying in abundance. Part of today has therefore been spent pulling them up by hand. As ever, the dandelions will require slightly … Continue reading

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