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The continuing battle against the unwanted

With spring making its mark on the garden in unexpected ways (eg tulips popping up now!), I was curious to see what was going on right at the back. And the little trip up there bore fruit, so to speak. … Continue reading

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Decision: rotten not pungent

After I built a mini hugelbed by the backdoor I planted the wild garlic I’d dug up from its original bed. In the interim, it had been in a pot which became waterlogged and there was a veritable stench. As … Continue reading

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Out of my winter home

In order to build the pond, I needed to move the rhubarb into a container over winter so today the crown finally moved into its new home. I’d prepared the ground at the beginning of last month and was waiting … Continue reading

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Just pungent or rotting ?

The pot where the wild garlic was being stored, after its removal from the original bed (in order to get rid of ground elder and in readiness for the day lilies), didn’t have big enough drainage holes in it. Thus, … Continue reading

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Ready for the weekend

Over the last few days, I’ve been preparing the stretch on the patio which was being used as a repository for miscellaneous objects looking for a better home. Thus, I moved the aforementioned in order to get the ball rolling … Continue reading

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Getting rid of the ground elder

After a day of marking at home, I did need some exercise to get me to sleep, although my evening in the garden was totally unplanned. With the soil newly softened from last weekend’s rain, it seemed an excellent opportunity … Continue reading

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Return of the wild garlic

This morning, I received an email from a foraging organisation which showed its excitement at the emergence of this year’s wild garlic. I therefore thought I had better pop outside to see if mine was showing through. Hurray – and … Continue reading

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Deadheading for Dad

Yesterday, my daughter and I helped my dad out round the garden by deadheading the daffodils and other spring flowers past their best. I’d never thought to deadhead daffodils and some of mine are doing decidedly badly, so I think … Continue reading

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The dark corner

Originally, along the back fence there was a hawthorn bush. It was great for berries and, had I known at the time, would also have been fodder for hugel beds. However, I didn’t and there was the question of whether … Continue reading

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Wild garlic at last!

You’d think I had a particular love of pollarding willow in the rain, based on my blog posts over this weekend! Well, I have no qualms about gardening in the rain, and I certainly got less wet today than I … Continue reading

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