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Demise of the worm

This post is principally to give you the link to a recent article in the Independent, regarding the effect of microplastics on worms. Basically, it is not good news for worms and in turn it is not good news for … Continue reading

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This year’s Jerusalem artichokes

It has been unbelievably springlike today and for the first time in an absolute age I enjoyed working in the garden. The plan was to dig up the Jerusalem artichokes, put the contents of the last bokashi bin in the … Continue reading

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It seems that the seeds that were in my compost last year have worked their way through, as the garden isn’t inundated with chard wherever the bin has stood recently. So when I turned and moved it yesterday, I decided … Continue reading

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Teeming with life

This morning, on the school run, I was delighted by the sight of a garden brimming with blooming daffodils. It also felt a bit eerie, considering we are barely into February. I would love to have had a photo but … Continue reading

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Out of the mud

The garden is sodden, really sodden, and the squelch of mud is not far behind. However, working on the principle that it is better to do a little often, I went out to pull up an old tomato plant.  Then, … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I visited a bird sanctuary (Fairburn Ings) and it was great to have a walk in the countryside. In terms of bird watching experience, however, looking out of the window in my diningroom gives me far greater joy. Wherever … Continue reading

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