Month 6

I had had my reservations about being able to complete my challenge in Month 5, now that is autumn. However, I did manage to use something from the garden every day, so hopefully this month will be as successful. At least at the moment, I have got plenty of tomatoes (or products containing them) to keep me going.

So, on Days 146 to 149, I ate a mixture of chutney and fried green tomatoes, as well as a few raw yellow tomatoes which have newly ripened on the indoor plants. The latest, from the plant in my room was particularly delicious. It had started to turn more of an orange colour, which is no doubt why the variety is called Golden Sunrise.

In addition to the tomatoes, in various guises, I had a large salad with spinach last night (Day 149). This has been growing really well under the cloche, so all being well it will last me in to the late autumn, if not the early winter.

Day 150 was another green tomato chutney day and I’ve just eaten more of it for lunch today (Day 151). However, later on, I intend to make a curry with some of our green chillies and flatbreads with our spring onions……

Yesterday (Day 152) involved eating more of the curry with our chillies. As it turns out, I also used some of the green tomatoes in the curry, so that is two ingredients I grew myself. And this evening (Day 153), I intend to use some more tomatoes (fried) to go with beefburger.

Oops, I seem to be losing track of the days, but I think that I am now on Day 158, which means I’ve just completed four more days of tomatoes in various guises.  That said, I did have the rest of the curry with my own chillies on Tuesday (Day 155) and on Days 156 and 157 I ate our chard in an omelette.

We went away on Day 158 until Day 160, so nothing was eaten from our garden over the last weekend but on Day 161 I was back on track with a tomato salad made up of yellow fruit from my windowsill yesterday and this evening I have enjoyed more of the yellow tomatoes with my evening meal  (Day 162). Tomorrow I’m going to take a salad with my own spinach to work, so that will make a change… not that I mind eating tomatoes every day, but it does make for something new to write about 🙂

As predicted, I did eat a salad of my own spinach on Day 163. We then went to a  Halloween Party in the evening, so indulged in pizzas which definitely did not contain any ingredients that we had grown ourselves. However, today (Day 164) I have my own produce in two meals: for lunch it was mangetout in a stirfry, taken from the freezer (what a joy!) and this evening I have had a second stirfry, this time with broccoli, freshly picked this morning.

As I was not at work today (Day 165), I was able to have a proper look round the garden in daylight this morning. So, I could see that there was plenty more broccoli for a meal in a few days. However, I decided to eat some of my chard this evening (with tomatoes and quinoa) – I needed something light after a large Chinese meal at lunchtime!

Unfortunately, Day 166 was not so successful on the consumption front. Unless you could the pumpkin chutney I licked off the spoon after I had put the chutney I made yesterday in the jars I sterilised this morning! (Yes, I will allow this as part of the challenge – especially as we were out until quite late in the evening after that lived off the remains of various bits of party food on our travels…. the fireworks at Bolsover Castle were well worth the sacrifice, though 🙂 )

Day 167 and Day 168 have been much more successful in terms of food consumption from the garden, since I have been using the flesh from the Halloween pumpkin to make soup (not too bad) and eating the pumpkin chutney I made the other day in sandwiches (as opposed to simply trying it out to seee if it is cooked, spicy enough etc).

Today (Day 169) I have so far eaten more pumpkin soup – it was better today than yesterday, perhaps because it had matured overnight or perhaps because I added slightly less cream this time. Anyway, I’m also making flatbreads with my own spring onions this evening, so these will go with the curry I made last night (which doesn’t have anything from my own garden this time round).
On Day 170 I have eaten more of the flatbreads with spring onions for lunch and this evening I am going to have a salad made of my own yellow tomatoes with an omelette. Thinking about the food of my own I am getting at the moment, I am a little surprised that it is so variety but then again we have not reached the ‘hunger gap’ yet. So, it will be interesting to see when that kicks in for me. Or have I saved enough to tide me over till the new season next year?

So far today (Day 171), I haven’t eaten any of my own produce but later this evening I am going to finish off the yellow tomato salad I made last night. And onto Day 172, I have finished off the dough for flatbreads with my own spring onions. So now it looks like I can start cooking new stuff, though full of sinusitis this evening so not even thinking about food right now 😉

On Day 172, I’ve actually finished off the flatbreads – couldn’t quite manage all the remaining dough last night. And I’ve had a very productive day in the kitchen, making amongst other things yet another chutney, this time with the last of the (current batch of?) green tomatoes. It is however predominantly an apple chutney as I got whole tray of them going cheap at less than 20p the other day 🙂 (In my excitement at doing so much cooking, I forgot to mention that we also ate some purple sprouting broccoli from the garden. A few baby caterpillars got steamed in the process, but we managed not to eat any of these!)

On Sunday (Day 173), I ate some pumpkin chutney as a condiment with my evening meal, where I also finished off some purple sprouting broccoli from the day before. Now, this evening (Day 174), I eaten spinach with rice (an idea I got when I lived in Greece) and it was really tasty.

Day 175 was also a day with spinach and rice and this evening (Day 176) I have made another rice dish, this time with chard (amazing how the slugs love it, too!) So, now I have come to the end of another month and it has been interesting to see how my diet has evolved as we head into winter. Let’s see what the next month brings…..

I love to read about your own experiences and any other feedback you have, so look forward to your comments below.

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