Month 7

Halfway through the year and I am going strong on the eating things from my own garden front. Thus, yesterday (Day 176) I ate more of the rice with chard and I had the same today, as on Day 175 I had made rather a lot of it. I’m not sure how much more chard I will get now – I don’t know how much it is because of the colder weather or if it is because I planted it late in the season but in any case I feel that I have found a new crop which I like and can grow easily, all things being equal.

Over the weekend, I managed a few things from my garden. Day 177 was finished off the rice with chard for lunch and the spring onions in fried rice, which I took round to a friend’s for dinner. Then yesterday (Day 178) I ate broccoli for lunch. I am also going to have the same again today and am planning to pick corn salad to take to work for lunch tomorrow, which will take me up to Day 180 🙂

Yesterday (Day 181), I decided to pick some chard in the evening and eat it with egg and noodles, so today I have also eat the same for lunch, as well as having my pumpkin chutney for my evening meal. Again, when I was picking the chard last night I wondered for how much longer I will be able to eat fresh crops straight from the garden. Then, I remembered that this time last year I had not planted anything which would be edible now, so I have certainly achieved something 🙂

On Days 183 to 185 I ate chutney but this evening I noticed that the parsley has had a growth spurt and so I made potato salad garnished with some of that for my evening meal (and have got enough left for tomorrow).

I’ve been otherwise engaged over the last few days and am now a little confused about which day I am on, although I surmise it is day 190. Thus, on Monday (Day 186) I finished off the potato salad with parsley then the rest of the week was mostly pumpkin chutney. I did manage a salad with corn salad leaves sometime during the week, though, so there is still some variety from the garden. Then last night (Day 190) I added parsley to a tomato sauce on pasta – really lovely 🙂

Oops, Day 191 turned out to be one where I cannot say anything I have grown myself passed my lips. Was out all day – apart from at breakfast time. However, today (Day 192), I have made up for the lack of consumption yesterday by eating more parsley with pasta. It’s a bit frozen out there at the moment, so might as well make the most of it!

Sadly, after Day 192 my Challenge ground to a halt, as much as anything because the house was topsy-turvy with my decorating and it was difficult to get in the kitchen. I’ve also had rather enough of pumpkin chutney for a while. That said, yesterday (no idea now which number that will be), I did get a surprise when I defrosted a meal from the freezer: my very own potatoes in aloo gobi.

2 Responses to Month 7

  1. Marcella Rousseau says:

    If you’re trying to live off the land, you’re doing a heck of a job! My compliments!

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