Months 9 and 10

As things went askew over the winter and I stopped cooking, indeed eating particularly well at all, I had very little to add to this journal of what I eat from my own efforts.  However, the tooth that was inhibiting my enjoyment of food is now out and I am more inclined to think about picking, then using, my produce.
Even before I lost the tooth, I did manage a few tomatoes and chillies from the new plant in early January. Then at the end of month I picked and enjoyed quite a bowlful of purple sprouting broccoli. Now we are into February, I have already eaten the last of the spring onions in flatbreads with curry. The poor spring onions were well and truly battered but they did still add interest to the dough. I even persuaded my six-year-old to try the bread and she admitted to liking it!
Tonight, I am going to have my first salad of the year with leaves from the corn salad. I am amazed that this has withstood the frost and snow – at the same time the leaves are hardly huge:


I am sure they will taste good with some of the red chillies, though…. In fact, they did. More to the point, the chillies have decided to become quite fiery, so things are definitely looking up 🙂
Last weekend (10th February), I noticed the turnips looked big enough to pick and eat. I haven’t had a particularly good crop but I will try again – perhaps they will fare better over the spring and summer?

I love to read about your own experiences and any other feedback you have, so look forward to your comments below.

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